Should I get a galaxy tab 7.0 plus or a nook tablet?

Discussion in 'Android' started by Bryon15, Dec 29, 2011.

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    I can't decide. I've watched youtube videos of both of them and they both look impressive. The nook tablet being $150 cheaper than the galaxy tab is very nice. But I'm hesitating because last summer I bought a nook color and wasn't all that impressed with it even after rooting it. The overall performance didn't meet my expectations. It's sluggish, N64oid doesn't work on the latest cyanogenmod for it, the internet browser crashes, I keep losing my wi-fi connection, etc. In the youtube videos I watched the rooted nook tablet looks like it fixed all of these issues. But I'm still not sure. I don't wanna make the same mistake again. I want a full android experience. Even if it means spending the extra money on the tab. What should I do?
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    I'd go for the Nook Tablet if you're going to hack it up, the two have nearly identical specs, but the nook is cheaper.