should i buy a 3ds in 3.0 if i already own a 3ds xl in 6.1?? advice

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    Apr 4, 2014
    so my friend have a 3ds, in perfect state, he is selling me the 3ds in $80 dollars, the thing is that is in the 3.0 so i can use gateway with it, but i already own a 3ds xl in 6.1, i have like 10 games, but thats it. i barely use my 3ds xl anymore, and a 3ds xl in 4.5 in my country is almost 220 dollars.... so should i buy the 3ds? thank u and sorry 4 my english :P
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    Unless you think that the investment will give you good returns, don't. There's no shortage of <4.5 3DS'es as of today and if you're not playing games on your XL, you probably won't play any on the standard model either. $80 is a very good price for a 3DS in good state, but you have to ask yourself the question whether or not there are any games you'd actually like to play on it.