Should I bother uninstalling flashme from my dsl

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    Hi all,
    I bought a DSL on launch day and now, after almost 12 crack-free months, I have now noticed an enormous crack on the left hinge. I don't really have much time to wait and see if it gets worse since my warranty only lasts until June 11th, so I think I'm probably just going to return it to Nintendo, though I haven't called them yet to see if they're going to make me pay for it or not. I also have flashme v7 installed on my dsl, the non-stealth version.

    So my question is, will Nintendo check to see if there is a warning screen and refuse to service my dsl if there is none? I'm also wondering if there's any risk running noflashme on my dsl (other than the usual risk of screwing up the SL1 short and bricking). I seem to recall reports right after dsl came out that running noflashme could cause problems. If it does have additional risks, is it possible to just install the stealth version of flashme v8 over my current non-stealth flashme v7 without any problems?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    EDIT: I do not have access to a Passcard right now, as I sold the one I bought to do the installation after it was finished. Since, therefore, I require my currently installed version of flashme to boot anything from my slot-2 flashcart (a Supercard Lite), will overwriting it cause any problems?
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    I've heard of people not having problems with sending back a clearly flashme'd DS Lite, but that doesn't mean it will work for you.

    If I were you, I'd probably just stick with the crack. I mean my hinge cracked and I took it back, but that was with dipshart gamestop employees down the road since I had their little warranty, and besides I didn't have flashme back then. I even got a new BLACK DS Lite out of the deal because I asked nicely.

    Now that I have flashme on the supposedly tougher black ds lite which shouldn't crack its hinge for all I know, I don't really know what I'd do. If it happened and I did want to send it back, but had some time to still play it, and didn't have a superkey like I do, I'd probably just install stealth. Then again, you could always just wait till the last possible day, you could probably even wait till like june 9th or 10th and call them, ask them what to do since you're still technically under warranty and it had broken before the last warranty date.

    Before calling them, you could just do noflashme. It might be risky, but when you're talking about sending it in for warranty, if you're set on that for the cracked hinge, since the DS Lite doesn't have the wetness sticker on SL1, if it bricks then oh well, THAT's what you're sending it in for. I don't think they'd be able to tell that you flashme'd it if its bricked, especially because they have alot of DS Lites coming in and out for repair, they aren't going to run a diagnostics program on the bricked DS Lite to tell whether its flashed or not. They MAY just look and see if the SL1 hole is mangled, or it looks like the DS was actually taken apart, and based on my flashme experience, there was no evidence of such a thing after flashmeing.

    I don't know exactly what to tell ya, but if you are really worried, then I'd suggest doing noflashme. I know others might disagree, and it certainly wouldnt be worth not playing any games until you send it away, but thats why you'd wait until actually sending it back to run it. Bricking it might even be the best thing you could do if they agree to take it back considering its useless and undiagnosticable if its bricked, or at least it isnt feasible for nintendo to check every returned DS Lite for flashmeing, and the proof of that is in the stories that people say of having no problem even sending it back with the non-stealth version.