shopping for USB wifi adapter for 3DS streaming

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    So I setup kit-kat to view my 3ds screen on my computer and the FPS is really low and people are saying that to make the streaming perfect and smooth, i need to get a usb wireless network adapter to plug into computer to make it an access point exclusively for my 3DS. and since i am playing my 3ds next to my computer, the 3ds would essentially by located right next to this new access point.

    do i have to get a specific type of network adapter or any will work?
    i am looking at this right now

    edit: this adapter has this feature:
    SoftAP Mode enables this tiny adapter to work as a virtual wireless Access Point. Once applied, you can easily turn your existing wired laptop or PC into a wireless device and share it with other Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops, smart phones or tablets.

    looks like this is what i need right?
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