Shipments to Mexico via Hong Kong Registered?

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    OK how long does it take to ship out a product from Hong Kong with HKP Registered Airmail? I had a product ship to Mexico on 12 August 2010, and it stopped updating on 16 August 2010 after the latest status, which was "Departure from outward office" in Guangzhou en route to Mexico. It hasn't moved or updated since the 16th, and I have the faintest inkling that the user is pissed as fuck. He originally won it (Supercard DSTwo) as a prize in my recently failed writing tournament. [​IMG] Does shipping take that long to Mexico? Could it have been fucked at customs? What's a better site to track packages to Mexico? I have a feeling is the wrong site to use. It's the only one I was issued.
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    Typically, cargo shipment don't take direct route.

    Example - HK to US
    They could go HK to Taiwan to Osaka to Alaska to US.

    They will update shipping once it arrives at Mexico's custom. And they don't update right away. They update usually at 24 hours basis.