Shinku's YGO World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia

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    Introduction: Well, it's another year, and that means another portable Yu-gi-oh game on handhelds. This year, it's a literal continuation of 2009's Yu-gi-oh handheld, WC2009: Stardust Accelerator, starting from shortly before 2009 ends. Adding more cards, and some new features, and updating and upgrading existing features, it looks like Yu-gi-oh is still rolling strongly.


    Gameplay A: Duel Mechanics: 9/10
    As a fan of the card game, I enjoy the system it uses, and this game is no exception. Adding more cards to the collection opens up new strategies, plays, and in turn, fun. Despite being the same throughout nearly every Yu-gi-oh game, Konami's been smart enough to not try and fix what's not broken. While there are a few quirks, the system itself is relatively easy to get, and the game is challenging enough for newcomers and veterans alike to enjoy. With the addition of Speed Duels, and Duel Races(really, they have nothing to do with duels, sadly. They couldn't get what the anime had into one thing, so they just split it down the middle.), and normal dueling, Konami is at least trying to keep things interesting.

    Gameplay B: Duel setup and excecution: 7/10
    I have to lower the score on this one, because compared to Stardust Accelerator(2009), this one is...remarkably slower. The computer AI seems to take longer, and while that's a good thing as it makes things a bit more interesting, it also lags the game just a little too much. Konami sadly tried to add something flashy, and in turn, made something that was perfectly fine, into something that slightly detracts from the experience.

    Deviating from what they've used previously, a simple colored border around wherever you have your cursor, they've gone ahead and put a much bigger, animated border that noticeably lags the game. Moreso then 2009 lagged, and it's not because of added cards. If Konami goes back to that, they can get their points back.

    Speed Duels. Introduced in Stardust Accelerator(2009), they've added a few changes, and more cards to go along with them. Speed Duels aren't exactly the same as normal duels, apart from using mostly the same mechanics and cards. They don't allow the use of normal Spell cards, for instance. Instead, you get "Speed Spells", which can only be activated by using Speed Counters, which you gain more gradually. It makes things interesting, and allows for quicker thinking, and even more strategy then normal.


    Story: 8/10
    Having watched much of the games anime-counterpart, I'd say the story is pretty true to the anime's storyline, apart from a few changes of having to add in another main character(yourself). While not the best story, this game isn't centered around story. It's centered around the Yu-gi-oh cardgame, so the story is negligable. Regardless, the story is still interesting enough to make you want to at least finish it. And that's apart from having to do so to unlock more cards, packs, and characters to duel.


    Sound/Music: 7/10
    I've never really liked the music in the Yu-gi-oh games, as they're always too monotonous. Only thing that redeems this one is that it's music will change, depending on circumstances within a duel. Even so, none of them really wet my palette. Not bad music, just not my type of music.


    Graphics: 8/10
    While certainly not the best the DS(i) can output, you have to remember the sheer amount of cards programmed into the game. The graphics for the characters and overall world and a tad blocky, but not overtly bad to look at. Though I do wonder if I'm seeing things, or is the graphics a tad worse then 2009's game?


    Lasting Replay: ?/10(My personal score: 9/10
    I can't really give a score for this. The only way it has any last reply is if you enjoy the game. My own, personal score is a 9/10, but really, it's one of those Your Mileage May Vary games. Yu-gi-oh has always been like that though. Depending on how much you enjoy the game depends on how much replay value it has for you. If you enjoy the game, you'll get a crack-load of replay value. At least to hold you over until 2011's game rolls around. If you don't enjoy the card game, however, don't even bother reading more. And if you're a newcomer, give it a try. It's not too expensive, at a normal $30, and if you don't like it, then just don't get any more of the Yu-Gi-Oh games, as it's not going to overall change.

    But really, having Wifi for this game is a must, as much of the fun is online.


    Overall: 8.5/10
    The only thing holding me back from giving this game a solid 9/10, or even a perfect 10/10, is the amount of lag in it compared to its predecessors. 2008, and even 2009, were quite a bit faster with duels. Apart from that though, they've even fixed the disconnecter problem in this, as it'll still penalize you. While that may harm some who don't do it intentionally, beggars can't be choosers. Gotta be one way or the other, a server can't really differentiate. Overall though, I'm ejoying this game quite well, and hope Konami still doesn't try to fix what's not broken.

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    Great review!!