Shining Soul II question

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    While playing the game recently, I noticed that lots of builds only play with 5-6 skills, leaving the others useless (things like 2-3 weapon masteries where you'll only play one, skills like Warrior's Counter or Brawler's Evade that doesn't work at all)...

    So, why not giving the player the ability to change these skills ?

    Think about it... Warrior switching his Counter with the Dragonute's Breath and the weapon masteries he doesn't use with Brawler/Archer's regenerating health and Dragonute's Resist, Ninja acquiring offensive skills like Stun and more damage against Undead and/or Flying monsters, Sorceress getting her hands on Dark Wizard/Priestess spells,... The list is short, but I really think it'll give a new breath to that good game.

    The idea comes under two questions, but I don't have the skills to make these a reality, so here there are :

    - Is there a way to have a "create-a-character"-like menu in the game (only for the skills, though) ?
    - If not, is there a AR/CB code (if possible, that works with GBAATM) that could allow me to replace a skill with another one, for any given character ?

    Thanks in (Game boy) advance, and I truly hope there'll be answers.