shifting media from vista to ubuntu?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by nin10do, Feb 17, 2009.

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    dual booting...
    i've been using vista but recently shifted to ubuntu (cuz of speed probs).
    now i've got all my media folders (pics, music library and videos) sorted the way i want them in vista.
    in particular the music library. can i set up some kind of auto sync so if i make a change in vista it carries over to ubuntu? (and vice versa).
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    You will have to clarify your question:
    "got it sorted"
    Do you mean your directory structure is the way you want it to be (names, locations....) because they will load up the same (linux has NTFS drivers although I am not sure how good the vista NTFS ones are for the more exotic stuff or even plain writing).

    Or do you mean your playlists, in this case it is an application level thing and without knowing what you used on vista and what you are using in linux I can not say.

    Oh and for the record if you are after a media player ubuntu can I suggest looking at linux mint, it is ubuntu based but has most of the media stuff left in.