Shenmue 3 Gameplay Finally Revealed

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    So yesterday, from out of seemingly nowhere, IGN Japan dropped 3 videos featuring actual gameplay from Shenmue 3! Us fans have been waiting and asking for this for quite some time(I've been especially vocal about it lol).

    Here we get to see a couple of the mini games available to play.

    This video showcases a couple training mini games that level up your stats and a bit of sparring in a dojo.

    And this final clip showcases some of the village lifestyle. Characters running about, buying from a local shop and a woodcutting job!

    Right off the bat impressions:
    It could still use work. Thankfully the game got another delay so hopefully they can use that time to really just improve animations. That's really the only problem I have. Characters faces are either lifeless or move about strangely.
    It's also strange there's no music in any of these showings. Hopefully this is temporary but it seems suspect that music wouldn't be in place at this point.

    But those are the only negatives I can really say about the gameplay. Sure it doesn't look the best ever, but it looks, sounds and seemingly feels like Shenmue and that's all I could ever ask for. The slightly odd looking characters, the stilted but charming dialog, the attention to detail in the environments, everything looks about right and with the remaining time it has left until its new November release date, I'm confident, and for the first time since the initial reveal of the game in 2015, actually excited for Shenmue 3.

    What do you guys think of the game finally being shown? How does it look to you? It's easy to forget but the team is working with a pretty small budget for a game of this size, but with that mindset I think its impressive they've been able to capture the Shenmue magic again.
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