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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by FireEmblemGuy, Mar 7, 2009.

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    I figured it'd be a good idea to have a topic to introduce people to the site you use to get free stuff, and take a look at what other people are having some luck with.
    For example, almost everyone uses, has tried, or has heard of GamingLagoon and PrizeRebel, but there's a lot of good ones out there that I haven't seen any one use that are pretty cool. For example:

    There's no custom ordering, but they do give you songs through iTunes for 15-20 points('Swagbucks'), and they have some interesting sweepstakes, like guitars, GH/RB axe signed by Gene Simmons, and tickets + Meet n' Greet passes to see Theory of a Deadman. You get points by searching, trading in games or old electronics(bad idea), or by using their shopping tool, which I've never tried. I've gotten about $20 in cards, $50 in other cards combined, and a few songs from iTunes.

    YourFreeiStuff isn't really the same as the other ones; you actually have to spend maybe 3 buccks to complete an offer, then refer your other people if you want a prize. Still, from 4 people for a 16gb iPod Nano to 8 for a 32GB iPod Touch(or just 6 for the $300 cash option), it's not bad. Honestly, If I had any money, I'd repay anyone at least $3 to complete the $2.95 AmazingWebStore sign up just for the referral. $24 and my sign-up is a lot cheaper than paying for a 32GB Touch.

    Anyone have anyplace else they'd like to share?
Thread Status:
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