Shantae: Risky's Revenge Trailer (DSiWare)

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by granville, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Like myself, i'm sure a lot of us have very fond memories of Shantae on the Gameboy Color. It was probably the finest action platformer on the GBC, and was about a hot genie girl who kills enemies with her hair. It was one of the most impressive GBC games as well. It was originally to have a sequel on the GBA, but they canceled it for unknown reasons and was never released. They've since scrapped all their original concepts and developed a new sequel exclusively for DSiWare. Here's the debut trailer which has the first footage i believe-

    Some lovely 2D art. The first Shantae game pushed the GBC to its limits and looked amazing for the system. Here the game wouldn't be out of place on the GBA, but it looks lovely all the same. I believe the animal transformations and the jumping between foreground and background are new to the game. The foreground/background jumping was used in another one of their DS games- Where the Wild Things Are. Reminds me of Wario Land VB too. My only complaint is that I can't see anything here that couldn't have been done on the GBA, and it was originally on that system... Kind of useless for them to cancel it. There's really no purpose for it to be on DSiWare either, except so they can release it in episodic format. They're doing just that, as they're releasing the game in 3 separate parts at different times. Gonintendo mentioned in some of their details that each part would be about 4 and a half hours in length. Anyways, looks good and probably will end up being awesome, but i can't think of any specific reasons to put it on DSiWare only besides getting more money on it. It isn't taking any advantage of the DSi's hardware enhancements...

    I don't think there's a date yet. It was intended to be released quarter 4 2009. Then it was intended to be released quarter 1 2010. So it's anyone's guess. Probably sometime this summer or so.
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    Looks awesome. I always loved the GBC Shantae.
  3. Hadrian

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    Looks amazing, I am loving the retro look but also they are trying to do some different things not seen in games of its type as well that could have been done on the GBA.

    Shame its DSiWare only, I could only hope it comes to PC, WiiWare or maybe XBLA (as I may get one of those again). That or maybe find a publisher who will put all episodes onto one cart. I just don't see me ever wanting to own a DSi. Hopefully DSiWare games can be played on 3DS.

    Off topic: I really do wish that Nintendo took a leaf out of Sony's book in regards to downloadable games. PSP Mini titles can be played on PS3 so Nintendo should make DSiWare playable on Wii, would help sales and encourage more DSiWare development if devs know that there is another userbase they can fall back on. Ok it takes away the big reason to own a DSi but I really don't see anyone wanting to pay £150 just to play some downloadable games when they already have a DS.
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    My DSi XL has barley any good Dsiware on itthis should fix that [​IMG]
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    2 things.
    1: I really hope it DOES stay on the DSi. Too many times are good games from there taken and thrown on something else. Let the DSiWare shop at least a FEW good exclusives...
    2: Much of the DSiWare uses the touchscreen, so it's not really possible to play it on anything but a computer(emulation) or the DSi itself.

    And I have to disagree. I sold my Lite for a DSi specifically for the new stuff, including the DSiWare. And I'm not regretting it at all.

    As for the game, they need to release it already. I WANT THIS GAME. ;_;
  6. Hadrian

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    Completely forgot about that but some games could easily find a home on WiiWare, luckily the Dark Void one is coming to PC. Nintendo's loss there.
  7. mario5555

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    I'm with you Hadrian, I don't have a DSi either, and I've been interested in this game since the GBA version was announced / scrapped and resurrected as what it is now. And it looks great, problem is I was hoping at least it would be playable on the Wii. Guess it's going to be one of those hidden gems I never get to play because of not having any interest in buying the platform it's on. Shame too, would been a nice WiiWare title, along with the Castlevania game and the new Blaster Master title.