Shantae: Risky's Revenge does not work on a JPN DSi

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    Hey all, the title says it all. I just wanted to share the information somewhere publicly since it's not immediately accessible anywhere else on the internet sadly. I have an archive with every DSiWare game and have tried installing it through TMFH, I even legitimately own the game on my 3DS and have tried backing that up, and installing that title on my DSi; both result in the same problem.

    I'm not sure exactly why this game behaves this way and I haven't tested any other games released in USA/EUR but not JPN - only Shantae. There won't be any error messages, you'll just see <localization not found> for every instance of text that is not an image or vector.

    Soi naturally, I aimed to find out why.

    My only assumption can be that DSiWare is the same across all regions. For example, there are not multiple different downloads for a game regardless of the region it's downloaded in. If you got it on a JPN console in the DSi Shop, you'll be getting the same download as someone who is using a USA console. Proof can be found in the archives themselves and how there is only one installable file for each title released. Then, compare that to any other Nintendo console's roms. For example, the NDS has a separate rom for each region that Pokemon is/was released in. Whereas Shantae (and all other DSiWare games) only have one.

    My theory is that there is no way for the game itself to put a language or text there for the exact reason it gave - localization not found. There is not Japanese localization in the download, so it has no idea what to give the Japanese console.

    A little bit more research pointed out that originally there were plans to make a Japanese localization, but those plans were ultimately scrapped in favor for the eventually canceled 3DS re-release of the game.

    This tweet roughly translates to: Sorry to keep you waiting. The Japanese localization of Shantae will not be distributed via DSiWare, and instead will continue on 3DS eShop. We will release more information about it next year, so please wait a little longer!

    So yeah, that's all. Sorry if this is redundant or needn't be posted.
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