Shantae and the Pirate´s Curse Save Editing Request [USA]

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  1. Mic1604

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    Aug 17, 2015
    Hello, I want to make a request about this game:
    I already completed the game 100%, however, since I didn´t use a walkthrough, my clear time was too huge (around 13 hours) to get all the 4 wallpapers.
    It was insanely hard for me and my coordination problems to complete the game (died at least 20 times on the first area), so I want to know if there is any means to unlock the rest of the wallpapers.
    My New 3DS XL is on the latest USA firmware with IronHax already installed.
    I already know how to extract saves with SaveDataFiler and TDVS, just need a little help with secure values and hex editing.
    I do not have anything I can give you but help could be appreciated.