Several Questions before I press "Purchase"...

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by soliunasm, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Just before I purchase it, I need a few answers.
    I've researched almost everything but I just can't seem to find the answers.

    1. Basically, I can just drag everything from my R4 MicroSD(Save the firmware/Moonshell) and the saves/homebrew will work, correct?
    2. I heard there was a black shell version of the Cyclo, however it's been prone to many issues, is this true or not(Not reading, corrupting, etc)?
    3. Soft-reset can't be mapped to L+R+A+B+X+Y can it? Or does it always boot to the menu thingy.
    4. Cheats, does the Cyclo use R4 filetype cheats(Like USRCHEAT/CHEAT.DAT) or its own format?
    5. 100% compatibility with ROMs, right? How's homebrew? 100% or around 90?

    Thanks all :]
    (Just noticed, half the topics I post seem to be "Help me out here with this here purchase!")
  2. DeMoN

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    1. Yes, R4 saves are the same as Cyclo saves.
    2. No, there is no difference. However, it is speculated that black ones are always the newer versions but this still depends on where you bought the Cyclo from. The CycloDS will not corrupt your MicroSD.
    3. You must soft-reset from the in-game menu, it only takes a few seconds though.
    4. It has it's own format, but Narin supports it and it's smaller because there are no backlight codes.
    5. ROM compatibility is 100% (if a new ROM comes out that doesn't work, the team is fast to respond). Homebrew can never be 100%, but if the app is popular and doesn't work the team will fix it.