Gaming Several problems with Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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I guess that an answer explaining how to fix the following issue may exist somewhere in the 95 pages of the official SSBB thread. Too lazy to read, sorry

Moreover, I've already posted this message in this latter but nobody answered so I try here

It's not that important but quite annoying though : While playing, the damages percentages are not properly displayed.

The numbers are cutted, they overtake of my screen. I can't see them entirely. Only one part can be seen on the screen.

It seems that the image is too big for my screen, in height, not in width.

I changed 50hz to 60hz in the Wii Menu and there isn't any problem any more.

However, the graphics are just awful, both in the menu and in the game.. Disabling or enabling Deflicker in SSBB options won't make any difference.

I'd like to play in 50hz without this damned image problem which doesn't appear in 60hz

I specify that I play the NTSC version of the game on a PAL Wii modded with a Wasabi. Plus, I have a LCD 16/9.

I tried to modify the configuration of my screen in the menu but it didn't make any difference.

I've another bug : when I play as Mario and that I use my watering can by using B + stick down, the game freezes and an unbearable noise is emitted. Then,

I'm compelled to unplug my Wii. As regard this bug, I've read many people who encounter it on the Internet but nobody provided a solution.

Can someone help me out ? Any suggestion is welcome, as well as any working solution, obviously

Thanks in advance. I do apologize for English mistakes.



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May 17, 2008
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I don't have the link handy, but there's a thread in the forums here entitled something like 'playing PAL SSBB'

It's only about 12 pages long (better than 95!) and it mentions most of the bugs you have.

First page gives a definitive way of getting it to work, but it's hard fecking work !

Just out of interest, did you have to set the layer break in imgburn using the Wasabi ?



Many thanks for your answer 1ronlung.

I must admit that I didn't think about checking this thread although I know it existed.

To answer your question : I burnt the iso modified by ESPALWii at 6x and I didn't set the layer break in Imgburn.

The game works perfectly, except these two problems.

I think I'll manage to solve the first one thanks to the other thread.

Do you have any suggestion for the second one ? ( freeze + noise when playing as Mario and using B + stick down skill)

I'll keep you informed. Thanks again.

Edit : my second problem also seems to be brought up in the thread. I'll inevitably find a solution.


Awesome !

I can play in 60hz and all my problems are now solved thanks to the freeloader. I don't even have the "water-bug" with Mario any more.

Many thanks DrHectic.
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