Several Issues with my N3DSXL booting up/turning off/crashing

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    Jan 18, 2019
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    First off two of the issues aren't a big deal. My console turns off all by itself when I completely close it (I've heard no popping sound as some people have faced before). When I tried fixing it by looking at the motherboard, I didn't know which cable to mess around with so I put it back together. After that, upon turning on my console, the blue light would turn on, and then off, so the console never boots up. This was fixed by simply putting my SD card on so not much harm done I guess. The main issue I'm facing is that a few days after that drama, all the software I've bought and installed through FBI have all been wrapped up in the gifts you get when they are finished installing. Upon trying to unwrap any of the apps I got through FBI, the 3DS crashes. I guess my CFW is just not working anymore, or maybe the finicking I've done with the internals has messed up the SD card reader (I doubt this is the case, my save data, DLC, and e-shop purchased apps still work). I just want to know what I've done wrong, or if any solution to this problem exists.
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