Setup of EZFLASH Omega

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    Jul 12, 2019
    I just received my EZFLASH Omega, and tried to set it up, but i get a lot of problems. I flashed the newst kernel and in my settings it shows FW: 7 K:1.06. My problems are, that i can't boot any games, i tried gb/gbc games, but then a screen comes up from Goomba, saying "No ROMS found! Use Goomba Front to build a compilation ROM, or use Pogoshell with a supported flash cartridge." When i start GBA roms, only a white screen shows up, and with the L+A method it just freees after the logo. The NOR method stops after copying but doesnt show the rom in the NOR tab. NES works perfectly.
    I tried different gba's, the ags-001, the ags-101, the normal advanced and a ds lite, nothing works. I also checked the can be archieved option and disabled write protection. The microSD card is formatted FAT32 with 32kb chunks and is 8gb large. With my smaller SD card, 4gb and also cluster size 32kb, it doesn't recognise roms in folders and actually deletes them, as they seem to disappear when i look at the folder at the pc again, but still take up storage.
    Is there anything i can try to fix those problems?
    Oh, btw, i bought the card from the official Etsy store.
    Thanks in advance!