1. totalnewbie

    OP totalnewbie Newbie

    May 27, 2006
    hi guys

    im going to be flashing my new DSlite today but would like to know how to set up my superpass 2 SE.

    1. do i need to attach the usb cable to the programmer as well as use the other connection on it? (dont know name of connection).

    2. right im planning on buying sonic rush to se my superpass, do insert the game into my superpass 2 and then attach it to the programmer in order to program it or can i just attach the superpass 2 to the programmer?

    3. So i simply programme the superpass 2 by clicking on "programme" right? or is there a lot more to it than this?

    as you can see, im a total newbie so any help is appreciated. thanks!

    EDIT: oops this is in the wrong section, can mods please move it over to the correct one plz!
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