Set Up and Review of R4i SDHC

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  1. haddad

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    Aug 12, 2010

    A full set up and video review of the R4i SDHC. Showing all the functions of the R4i SDHC, features and much more. I would like to thank MyGamingMart for this sample.

    Note: This is uploaded to youtube because something is wrong with the video server's here at Temp.[/p]


    [​IMG] R4i SDHC Firmware
    [​IMG] MyGamingMart.Com
  2. boktor666

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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Hmm, I dont know why, but this Clone actually seems to have been worked and thought on. Its an improvement from the normal r4, and uses its own theme/ firmware system. I wonder how big that game compatibility is. I wonder if that wifi will ever work, if it would, then I guess it wont be up for long, cuz the Big N will ofc find out.

    Strangeley, this card has a certain charm, but I'll stick to my SCDSTwo Limited gbatemp edition, its way better, and my 3DS ofc
  3. Buleste

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    Dec 19, 2010
    The R4i-SDHC is a good R4 card for what it is. The Wi-Fi engine only works with WEP routers (because it works in DS mode so therefore does not have any access to the better WI-Fi modes offered by the DSi and 3DS) so it highly unlikely that the Big N will do anything about it as they would have to disable all WI-FI in DS mode to block it and I don't think that many 3DS gamers will be too happy.

    Game compatibility is fairly typical with the kernel being updated around once per month or more if there is a big release list.

    Personally though if I wanted a low cost card I would go for a AceKard because of it's ability to be patched when the latest 3DS firmware comes out.
  4. AndroidDem0man

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    Nov 28, 2010
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    lol this is actually one of the only good r4 clones out there,
    R4i gold, r4i dsn, and then this stands beside those 2
    the wifi engine is nice, my cousin has one of these and i gotta say, its REALLY easy to use,