Set a working usb loader gx up

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Usb Loader Gx

    Lots of people say its buggy and that it crashes all the time and unstable.
    I agree with that, IF you dont know how to set it up.
    For some people like me, its working perfectly, no crashes.
    Yup Im using the latest rev 938

    Note: There are probably going to be replies with, just set up CFG, its easier. But maybe there are people that want to use GX but dont know to set it up. This is to help them [​IMG]
    Setting it up

    Beforehand: I think you know how to use DOL or isntall wad's if you dont know, you will have to use the search button.
    Use FAT 32, if you use WBFS or NTFS you might have problems.

    First you gotta get the latest usb loader gx version.

    Grab there a DOL, or Wad. (Im using wad myself, but dol will probably work fine too)

    Now, install CIOSX 20 and use base 56

    After that you install your wad (If you have chosen for wad it is)

    Now, run UsbLoaderGx and go to settings, gameload, and choose there to use cios 249.

    Now go to GUI settings and set Beta Revisions to OFF, so you can safely update without crashing.

    If I want to rip my dvd to the usb (by pressing + , im getting a code dump) Just use a workaround, you insert the disc, and there comes a pop-up to install it instead of pressing +
    CAN I UPDATE BY USING WAD? Yes you can.
    Monster Hunter TRI? Yes it works.
    Super Mario Galaxy 2? Yes it works.
    Arc Rise Fantasa? Yup working perfectly.
    OMG Red steel isnt working. You need to use alt dol.

    I hope this is going to help some people [​IMG]
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    Jun 21, 2008

    You do realise by opening such a topic, that you also admit that GX is buggy, and it doesn't speak for an simple USBLoader (run .dol and the Loader works) if you need to follow a guide? Besides that, I wouldn't even call it a guide, more like Common sense, because there's nothing new which you shouldn't know. And you could have posted that in the GX-Topic, where it belongs...

    Sounds and is harsh, I apprechiated that you wanted to help though.
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    Sep 13, 2009
    Well if they were all so 'experienced' as you are, there wouldnt come topics like: GX CRASHES like this

    But well im not gonna start a discussion with you, if you dont need it, no worries [​IMG] But atleast let other people make use of it, if they need to...
    Im only trying to help [​IMG]