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    Oct 4, 2011
    hi gamers

    i have seriuos thing to discuss with you some one with mass info on wii

    i got HBC install and a wiiflo channel so was just waiting for my mate pop down check it out on his hdd

    and we found out that some iso was STUB seem they cant be move/del/replace try every thing

    but wii still works as a wii does but not wiiflo way just normal

    (Q) what do i do now ? have it seen to and try to fix even though might be brick if it tamper with with stubs in there Or
    just leave as a wii console ?

    please help even my mate at alosts what to do we dont have the cash for new wii this very important .

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    If your Wii works fine, then you've no need to remove them. As long as your menu IOS isn't stubbed you'll be fine. If you want, you could use an app such as MultiModManager to install older (and active) versions of those IOS's.

    They don't do anything, just essentially blanked off that IOS slot
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    Jun 15, 2009
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    United States
    What are you saying?
    If your wii is not softmodded, and you want it softmodded, then use ModMii. Re-hack it correctly using ModMii.
    Even IF you have anything installed, just run ModMii, it'll overwrite anything your missing.
    after running modmii, just leave everything alone, that means don't touch your IOS's, cIOS's and such....
    and wiiflow is a usb loader, did you read how to setup a usb loader? you need to read our forums, mate....