Sending in for Repairs

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    Well, today my DS went through a bomb-like fall. The slot-1 and slot-2 cards both flew out, so did the stylus as it hit the ground. It still works fine, but I still want to send it to Nintendo for any repairs, just in case.

    --Basic Information--
    -Was bought from
    -Still has Nintendo DS Lite box
    -Was purchased from on November 23, 2007

    Now I want to know if I can send my NDS Lite in for a full-out case replacement, part replacement, everything. How do I package it when shipping it, what is the address I ship it to, and how long until I get it back?
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    You'll have to contact Nintendo to see if they'll fix the case. This will NOT be covered under warranty and may be very costly. If it's working fine and nothing is thoroughly broken/chipped/cracked, I'd suggest you thank your lucky stars that it's still working and go on with it. If you're just sending it to Nintendo to see if there is something wrong, and if so, to fix it, then you're wasting your money. There are also replacement DS lite shells available for purchase online (not made by Nintendo) that you could get if you're willing to fix the case on your own.
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    It'll cost you between $50 and $75 to get it fixed (even with the warranty). The right hand hinge broke on mine and basically "tough luck" or live with it.
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    On the floor right? Where did you drop it? Carpet or hard wood floor. Check on a very bright room your ds. Recheck it twice. If there are broken parts, then send. It takes like $50 with warranty. So yea.