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    Hey guys,

    I know this has been covered a million times, but I've been out of the Wii "scene" for so long, there must be a new way to fix this???

    My friend (haha, really, I promise my friend) ran NSMB Wii from PAL region and dominated his settings screen. Typically known as the semi-brick. Before the fix was to wait for an update from Nintendo and just run an update.

    Also from google and reading here, I stumbled upon an older disc from 2008: wii-ntsc-systemmenu-v289

    I doubt this is going to work though, as it's probably older than what his system was before he screwed it up. With all of the amazing progress the Wii sceners have made, there must be a new/better way to do this by now?

    The only thing he has modded on his system at the moment is a WiiKey v1. Does a newer version of that semibrick "fix" cd exist? Can I make one? Is there something else he can burn to fix it?

    Really trying to avoid all the softmodding route, the kid isn't the brightest tool in the shed, and I don't feel like driving over there to fix it. [​IMG] Please give me hope guys.

    EDIT: Nevermind, solved it, used NUSD to pack some System Menu wads, bannerbomb to load WadImport, done deal. ;p
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