Selling hard modded launch Wii at yardsale... how much to ask for it?

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  1. CZroe

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    I'm selling my Wii from 2006 at an upcoming yardsale (moving) and I was wondering how much a hard-modded Wii with the old bootloader (for BootMii) and a drive that can still read burned discs is worth. No, I don't plan to get what it is worth at a yard sale, but at least I have a starting point to bargain with and I would know what to ask for it on CraigsList if it doesn't sell. FWIW, this is the USA, SoCal region.

    Oh! And, no, I'm not ducking the Wii itself. It has always been my backup Wii and I need to sell it because it probably isn't worth shipping across the country when I already have one at my destination (I can't carry much when I travel on a motorcycle).

    I'm guessing the hardmod doesn't add much value now that there are games you can only play with a softmod, but does it still count for something?

    Mods: This isn't an advertisement or FS listing. I'm selling it at a yardsale and have no intentions of selling or listing online. Trying to search other listings just results in page after page of people offering soft modding services and pirated games and I don't have much time to find out.
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    Sell it for 150 on this website
    I have sold many things from that site 100% legit.

    Buti f your going to sell it at a garage sale sell it for 120.
  3. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009
    I'd sell for maybe 130-170


    Ebay hotlink^
  4. DeathStrudel

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    Sure you could probably get 120-170 for it if sold to the right person, but yardsales don't usually attract the type of people who would pay that kind of money for it. Honestly, I kinda doubt you"ll find somebody willing to pay more than 50 bucks.
  5. Ergo

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    This. (Especially the hardmodded bit: are you going to explain to the potential buyer that you can play games illegally with it? I'd kinda be a bit wary of going that route...)
  6. synce

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    You can get a new Wii + Mario Kart for $130 these days, so I can't imagine anyone paying more than $50 for a used Wii, which yours might as well be to mom and pop. On cl you should get twice that. I like to set my prices firm because people love lowballing on cl