Selling a Wii! Neep your help/opinion

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    Okay im selling a Wii and it comes with all of the items below
    How much do you think it is worth?
    Also, do you think it is better to mention that it is soft modded?
    Or do i just say "updated to latest update" [I havent been in the Wii Hacking Scene for a whole year so I dont know whats going on anymore
    (I have it on 4.2 btw)


    -Wii Console [LU569*****]
    - 2x Wii Remotes
    - 2x Nunchuks
    - 2x Wii Motion [PLUS] Add-on
    - 2x Wii Remote Jackets
    - 2x Wii Motion [PLUS] Jackets
    - 1x Guitar Hero Controller
    - 1x Wii Zapper
    - 2x Nerf Tennis Racquet Add On
    - 2x Nerf Golf Club Add On
    - Sensor bar
    -Power cord
    - Standard composite cable
    -High Definition 480P Component AV Cable
    - Stand
    - USB Cable
    -And if you ever get tired of using the Wii Remote, use your PS2 controller with the PS2 to Wii Controller converter!

    - Guitar Hero 3 – One of the best games on the console
    - Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Also one of the best games on the Console
    - Wii Sports
    - Wii Sports Resort – One of the most addicting game on the Wii
    - Wii Play
    - Game Party
    - Link’s Crossbow Training
    - Dancing with the Starts
  2. ars25

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    i say about 350 -360
  3. Shockwind

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Shouldn't this kind of thread be moved to GBAtemp Trading Forum? [​IMG]
    No, maybe about 340-350.
  4. Forstride

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    Most people won't buy it if they know it's modded. I suggest removing any mods before selling it, as it will definitely turn people away from buying it, unless of course they want it modded.

    As for price, I'd say $300 - $350 sounds fair.
  5. Recorderdude

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    Fix that, it'll make the ad sound more professional and reliable.
  6. Satangel

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    Will be maximum 300 euros I think, there are a lot of Wii's on the market now so don't expect too much.