Sekaijyu no Meikyuu II / Etrian Odyssey 2

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    From Iggna (or IGN)

    "Atlus is hard at work on a sequel to Etrian Odyssey, according to the latest issue of Famitsu. The magazine reports that, in Japan, the game will be titled Sekaijyu no Meikyuu II.

    Fans of the original can look forward to a true sequel with improvements in all areas, but a good amount of focus seems to be going into character creation. You now have 12 jobs to select from, up from the nine of the original. New types include Gunner and Pet, the latter letting you play in the form of bears and other animals. Each class has four illustrations, with the game letting players pick their favorite.

    Different from the first title, Komori Shigeo is serving as director on the sequel. Yuji Hyuga returns as character designer with monster design once again being handled by Makoto Nagasawa. And, of course, game sound legend Yuzo Koshiro is reprising his role for the sound part of the game.

    A Japanese release on Etrian Odyssey 2 is set for this Winter. A US version has yet to be announced."

    Some more info:
    - New classes: Doctor Magus, Gunner and Pet. The Magus is sounds like a combat mage, which has healing properties as well as offense boosts from studying the body. The Gunner can use various elemental bullets. The Pet class is an animal class.
    - Existing jobs will have brain new artwork.
    - Battles will be much more visually exciting.
    - FOEs will have new rules and new types.
    - The director is Komori (the writer of EO1, Devil Summoner PS2 and Princess Crown), and she says they decided to make a sequel when they looked into the template and realized they could improve the balance of the calculations and skills, as well as brushing up the existing formula.
    - There are two settings this time: the Sekaiju as well as the flying castle.
    - You can create a total of 30 charcters this time.
    - They have added a quicksave function for saving in the middle of dungeons.
    - For map creation, there are now 3 different colors you can use.
    - There are also more icons and arrows to use.
    - When buying equipment now, the character status is displayed so you can see how effective they are before buying.
    - Game is 70% complete, release date will be announced soon.
    - The character design, monster design and sound are handled by the same staff as the first game.

    I stole some scans from someone off another forum:

    I fount the first one to be incredibly boring and monotonous but I am aware that there are people who will be smiling like crazy over this.