Sega game gears sound won't work

Discussion in 'Other Handhelds' started by eggmanfat120, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. eggmanfat120

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    Aug 6, 2014
    recently, I bought a game gear for just 10$ at a local flea market, and when I bought it, the people who sold it to me didn't tell me that the sound didn't work.
    Anyone know how to fix this easily, or what's wrong with it?
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    I am going to assume that this issue is caused by one of two things - a broken volume potentiometer or, a far more likely one, worn-out capacitors, which is a common issue with Game Gears that may lead to audio and visual issues, dimming of the backlight or even making the device completely unresponsive. It's relatively easy to fix - all you have to do is replace the affected capacitors, or preferably all of them in one go to prevent similar issues in the future. The procedure is well-documented with slight differences between different models, but if you've done at least a bit of soldering in your life, you can absolutely handle this. Thing is, you won't be able to assert if the system has been damaged by leaking components without opening it, so buying systems where a given feature doesn't work at all is always a gamble. For all you know, the area around the sound circuit could be affected by leaking electrolyte.

    EDIT: Here's an example video of the procedure. You don't need to purchase a ready-made capacitor kit, you can find the capacitors by yourself if you know their values.