Won't fix Sega forum section?

Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by SS4, Jan 3, 2014.

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    I know Sega doesnt make console anymore but Games are still coming out for the Dreamcast.

    The Dreamcast was a great console and most could play backups, theres also region free hardware mods that are quite popular.

    Another nice thing was the Sega Saturn with its Disc Swap technique :P

    Theres also a lot more we could talk about imo.

    So yeah i dunno if anyone else would be interested in some Dreamcast, maybe even some Saturn talk but if so lets hear it!
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    Then we'd have everybody wanting their favorite retro console section. This forum's structure is complex enough as it is.
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    I forgot
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    Generally new sections are made in response to either new consoles or demand. Given neither are likely to warrant a new section any time soon that does not sound so likely.

    It might be possible that you could win a sticky for info or a have a megathread (we already have essentials threads for all the main sega consoles in the old consoles section http://gbatemp.net/forums/other-consoles-oldies.165/ which means games are covered ) so you might want to approach it from that way.

    That said by all means post news about new games (especially if they are more nice shmups), new hacks, new mods made, new SDKs (I saw some got updated/got new things made not so long ago), new emulators and more. We accept them and have stuck such things up on the portal on many occasions.

    Realistically if you are going to make a big info thread I suggest having

    The main mods for the consoles in question. "soft", basic hardware stuff and full on fun with my soldering iron stuff (in the Saturn and DC world I see some drive emulation stuff taking its first steps).

    Any video mods are also pretty essential if they exist. I have seen a lot of good work in this sort of field in recent years but mainly for MS and Nintendo stuff. Other mods play on a case by case basis (batteries, screens, common fixes....).

    The main emulators for the consoles in question.

    The hacking emulators for the consoles in question. This could be harder, especially if you are used to the NES/SNES/GBA/DS world and I have not had the most luck when I have gone looking in recent times.

    What options there are for cheats? Save extraction and modification is a massive part of this as well if you did not cover it as a result of a previous thing.

    You might like a bit on iso handling. The cartridge stuff is not quite so clear cut, even if it is not quite as bad as the SNES, and the rest is right in the middle of the CD format wars and the DC was odd on top of that. Saves are more important the ROMs/isos but modern methods of ripping those would be nice.

    For all the above filetrip is looking pretty bare.

    How much of all this would be better suited to a wiki article is up for debate as well.

    On the other hand you could go more specific and if you are going to start cranking out serious mods for a game then something could happen.

    Equally I am not sure where the main DC discussion happens these days. Looking around as part of some of the earlier stuff it seems to be an odd combo of legacy stuff, emulator forums and SDK forums with other forums usually having a few people that know the mods enough to getting passing users up and running. If you fancy a Herculean task most of the DC scene stuff is not well curated, find yourself with the means to create a nice database and then you will definitely catch the interest of someone.
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