SEGA Bringing New Jambo Safari To Wii & NDS

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, May 20, 2009.

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    Oct 12, 2004
    Out of all the arcade games made by SEGA, this was one of those that I didn't expect to see continued. Jambo! Safari was released in arcades ten years ago and ran on the Naomi Crazy Taxi board. You drove around in a Jeep and you went around lassooing various wild animals. Like Crazy Taxi the actual gameplay was far far better than the concept of the game.

    This will be more of an enhanced port with modern (well 2005 seeing its the Wii) graphics and will be called "Jambo! Safari Ranger Adventure". There will also be the standard mini games that developers feel they need to add to Wii games now. The arcade game had you useing the steering wheel to erm steer and a lever to shoot a lasso, I'm guessing that sterring will be done via the analogue stick on the nunchuck and lasooing will be done via Wiimote...but thats just a guess.

    There will also be a DS title called "Jambo! Safari Animal Rescue" though details on that game is none existance, either way that'll also be a welcome addition if its done right.

    Really pleased about this, more arcade games please SEGA!

    Bad footage of old game:

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    Played this game in the arcade.
    Semi fun really.
    Though it felt kinda short.

    Won't be a bad purchase at budget price.
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    My favorite and I always had a dream of import it to Wii and my dream has come true! Howeer, DS ?? Interesting. I will have to see what DS version of quality is like. I just wish it is import to PSP as well.
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    interesting game but strangely funny theme... good to see it for the ds