Seeking low-maintenance mod for Xenon

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by m10m, Jul 15, 2012.

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    As the topic states: I have an old 360 and am looking for a low-maintenance mod (i.e. I won't need to flash it constantly). I'm considering buying an ODE and hiring a local to install it but would like some advice from the experts here: for such an old 360, is this the best way to mod it and is it simple enough to put new firmware on it (to account for new games?)? I should mention that I also don't make use of Live. Thanks in advance.
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    An ODDE should be good.
    If it dies on you as a result of RRoD then you can transplant the ODDE to another 360 with ease.

    Imho it's not worth to do jack on Xenons.
    Only good thing they have is that they accept both type 1 KV's and type 2 KV's

    You could RGH it but then you'll need to invest in some cooling if you want to keep it.
    edit: RGHing on a Xenon is as stable as a Zephyr if not worse.
    It can be done but you'll need to tweak pretty much everything.
    I speak from experience (got a Zephyr that's a pain in the bum to glitch)