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Aug 10, 2021
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Hi There,

I have some .PAC Files which are external Game Graphics of Aircraft, in the game Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe, by Lucasarts or Lucasfilm Games. Which is a DOS based game, which needs to be run in the Program DosBox.

The file extension, for the Files is .PAC , I thought therefore, that they might be Hi Resolution Bitmap Stad .PAC Files, but I can't find a utility, that can open and view them. Although that might be due to them being decompressed. I have viewed the File B17G.PAC in a Hex Editor, and the output starts with ED.

I ran a comtype scan, on one of the Files from the game B17G.PAC, and got around 160 .dmp Files.

I did a search for pac text i.e. 'signatures' in the .dmp files, using the program Total Commander, and it found 5 .dmp files with pac in the decoded text. I have viewed some of the 160 or so .dmp Files in a Hex Editor.

WP16.dmp Konamiac.dmp Fin.dmp CTW.dmp and ANCO0.dmp

the CTW.dmp is the largest .dmp File at 600 KB, could that be the format for the compression ? What do I do
now, to narrow things down, to identify the correct compression format ?

I am currently unable to post links to uploaded Files, but if someone has this game, could someone take a look, at the Files B17G.PAC and B17GS.PAC for me, to establish the compression format, being used by the Files ?

Also if someone could tell me, the quickbms script I need to use, to extract the Game Graphics if someone is able to establish, the compression format for me ?

Any help would much appreciated.


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