Second Official EOF Time Capsule

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  1. tigris

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    Welcome to the Official GBATemp Time Capsule™ 2, the time capsule for all members who didn't get a chance to jump onto the first EOF time capsule. Here you may post reminders of yourself, snippets of code, HTML, YouTube videos - anything within GBATemp rules. This thread will then be locked, just like the other time capsule after approximately 3 weeks - 1 month.
    This thread will then be locked until June 2013, until it is reopened, just like a real time capsule, not just a virtual one.

    You may:
    • Take screenshots of your desktop
    • Take screenshots of your games console
    • Upload your profile pictures
    • Upload your personal pictures
    • Upload your signatures
    • Post notes to remind yourself of things for 2013
    • Say "Hi!" to your future self
    • Anything within GBATemp rules
    Well, I'm wondering how this will turn out,
    Enjoy jumping into this time machine,

    JetKun [​IMG]

    P.S. Note to self in 2013- "Hi! Are you still there? Wow, you've been using the 'Temp for 3 years now! Have a great day. -JetKun."
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    No. One time capsule was enough. Stop creating so many copies of other peoples topics.
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