searching the most easiest NDS launcher (like DSKiosk for homebrew)

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by unregistered, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    I'm searching for a very specific ROM/NDS launcher solution - be it either firmware based or just a regular NDS-Homebrew software. Probably someone of you can tell me which software or device could bring me the closest to this:

    - The launcher should allow me to add specific NDS files like a shortcut to a menu
    - It should hide everything I do not deliberately add
    - Best would be, if it shows every added NDS file with an icon
    - the NDS icon/name should be on the touch screen and clickable, the user should not need to use the d-pad to launch a program
    - Besides the icons, it should show as little information as possible - it should look "clean", like a simple Desktop with shortcuts
    - It should have little features so that people are not able to change too many options (best would be to have the icons only .ini file based)
    - The background image should be replacable
    - It should be able to launch commercial NDS roms (homebrew is nice as well)
    - If I can launch it imediately together with a DS card boot-up, it's perfect (but not necessary)

    The best solution for me so far is DSKiosk. It nearly has everything I need, except it can't launch commercial NDS files, and this is a must-have here. :-(

    I don't know in how far programs like YSMenu are skinable/reducable to get there. DSisio2 i didn't got to run on my N5 (always crashing after the welcome screen). I also tried the DSLinker, but it's pretty ugly (much text).

    Probably there is a good card firmware out there, that has something like this. Can anyone help me find the right thing?

    (PS: What I do want to do: Bring all of my games onto one cartridge in a very nice and comfortable and stylish manner)
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