Searching for a few old obscure games

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by cool_boy_mew, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. cool_boy_mew

    cool_boy_mew Newbie

    Dec 17, 2008
    I've posted this to a lot of places and only found one game/4 (NS-Tower), I heard from someone that you guys might be able to help

    Also, any other details about the game that you remember could help, so don't hesitate to post it. Any questions about the games could help too

    "Heh, been searching on lots of old shareware games sites and I'm currently posting this everywhere because it's just been itching me, I MUST know what game #1 is.

    It's a longshot, but let's try anyways! These are all shareware.

    Game #1: The game I'm searching is a old Puzznic clone on PC (It was on Real Arcade I think) (It is not Brix by Epic Megagames) It looks a lot like this version: When you finished a level, the whole level blew up in a cheap looking explosion. The game was on Real Arcade if I remember correctly.

    The whole game was rather cheap looking. There was multiples background, one was a city night sky. There was some decor around the levels, one was a mouse (or hamster?) and some mushrooms.

    I think there was some lock blocks and other special stuff around the stage like a balloon. I think there also was Water/Fire. I think there was some stages were the gravity was reversed (the stuff was on the ceiling instead iof the floor)

    So yeah, It was like puzznic, but with lots of added stuff

    I'm not sure about this, I think you could skip stages (max of 5/7?) and perhaps there was something collectable in stages? It was Red I think

    The stuff you had to match, I think there was a red ring, the objects weren't blocks.

    Game #2: The other one was a breakout type (on PC), except it had special bonus levels. It's rather hard to explain, in those bonus levels the ball would go in a fixed path, which looked something like this: The ball went pretty fast and you had to survive the entire path to get a bonus life or something like this.

    Game #3: And the last one is from old gaming computers. You were in a house or something and there was lots of people as obstacle, all you could do was jump over them (the timing was pretty hard). I know one of the obstacle was a police, a guy sitting down on a couch watching TV (or was it a police watching TV?). That's all the game was about. Just a straight line, just jumping over people.

    Thanks in advance. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Also, anyone that finds game number 1 gets a cheap Steam game during the holiday sales and anyone that find 2 of the other games also get a cheap Steam game during the holiday sales. Just a small token of appreciation"
  2. Canonbeat234

    Canonbeat234 Redeemed Temper

    Sep 24, 2008
    Wow as far as a person that has been playing games on the PC; you just have showed me three weird games I have never come across.
  3. Xuphor

    Xuphor I have lied to all of you. I am deeply sorry.

    Jul 14, 2007
    United States
    Game 2 might be one of the Ricochet series of games. Other than that, not sure on any.
  4. cool_boy_mew

    cool_boy_mew Newbie

    Dec 17, 2008
    I don't don't think it's this, but I DO remember having played something like it. I'll go try it out

    Edit: Yeah that's not it, but thanks, you made me remember another game I used to play
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