1. Lenneth

    OP Lenneth Advanced Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    Hey !

    First excuse me because I'm probably in the wrong section for that but I don't know where to post. I'm in search since more than one week and I can't find custom themes (.ctf) based on manga for a 6.39 cfw (6.39 ME-9.5). I tryed to converted other themes with CTF Tool GUI v5 but the result isn't very good [​IMG] Can anyone tell me where I can find some 6.39 compatible ctf themes (on the manga theme like Hatsune Miku, Lucky Star, Stratos, good japanimation themes with pretty girl [​IMG] ) ? I can find any site with good themes or compatible ctf themes, please help me ! I'm tired of .ptf or poor .ctf themes with bad convertion. Please give me the more themes or url you can please. (I can use CXMB without any problem). Thanks in advance.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english (I'm from Belgium).
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