Search Engine Problems (outstanding issue) Wii games

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  1. blackacidevil

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    The search engine used to search the forums hasnt exactly got errors, because this has been a persisant problem now for a while.

    You can use words under 3 chars, so that means, you cant write GBA or wii or nds (which ok, you can use sub catagories) this is still a poor decision. But it really becomes an issue that its almost unusable to find topics or relavant material


    I want to look for a Super Mario Galaxy 2 where people are discussing their game progress.

    So as definate as that is, Ill just for now write Super Mario Galaxy 2 and get ERROR, that because I wrote 2.. Without the 2 its not going to find me the information.

    Its not going to find the information because, if it searchs both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, since I cannot define which part. That means, Im now picking up all information for the first part released over 5 years ago, which could range on any level of catagory. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released in may.

    Now thinking, ok, shitty, Ill type in Super Mario Galaxy, Youve now gott all three words being equals and you cant actually get specific topics, nor using the quotation method.

    Im even more upset after looking at the meta critera for this site, and the uses Topics that discuss 1 to 9 to describe a subject, like mega man 2, or game show 2010 or NHl 95. , EA sports (which is now sports since two letters is illegal)

    Meta review shows 19.7 percent of the site relies on sub one to two chars, which are not allowed.

    Why not update the attributes on the search engine

  2. d3monsting

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    What's this box for
    I find the character limit a bit troubling too, and I either am doing it wrong, or my search results don't seem relevant...
  3. jalaneme

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    yeah i know, it's a garbled mess i hardly use it, if a topic gets lost in the huge forum i usually just look at my recent posts to find it, hopefully it gets sorted out someday.