Seagate 2.0 usb external hardrive 250gb (will it work on wii?)

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    i see on ebay a Seagate 2.0 usb external hardrive 250gb and im planing to buy it for the wii ill take a pic and post it and what it says on ebay


    Item specifics
    Drive Capacity: 250GB Interface: USB 2.0
    Brand: Seagate Color: Black

    You are bidding on a pre-owned Seagate FreeAgent 2.0 USB 250 GB external hard drive in good working condition. Included with the external hard drive is the USB cord, and powercord.

    Portable Performance and Security
    If you're still relying on your personal computer or back-up CDs or DVDs to store your digital content or vital personal or family documents, you're running an unnecessary risk. Your computer can only hold so many files and can crash at any time, leaving you helpless to access your content. DVDs and CDs have a place in archiving, but they get easily scratched and lost. It's too risky to store everything in your computer, and too time-consuming and cumbersome to have a drawer full of CDs or DVDs.

    The Seagate Free Agent is big enough to store a huge portion of your digital content in a safe and secure environment, but small enough to let you take that content with you wherever you go. In other words, having the Seagate Free Agent is like having your entire computer with you at all times, but in a package that's a small fraction of the space and weight of your computer.

    Designed to live peacefully in your home or office, the Free Agent external hard drive is extra quiet and takes up less room on your desk than a stapler. Even the cable ports are base-mounted to help keep your desk free of clutter. We even add a little bit of sophistication to your desktop with the unique espresso brown finish and molten amber illumination.

    The sleek and slim design of this hard drive--only measures 7.5 x 1.6 x 6.4-inches (H x D x W)--and a weight of less than four pounds. The Seagate Free Agent lets you transfer files seamlessly from your computer via its USB 2.0 connection at a brisk transfer rate of up to 480Mb/sec. The drive delivers a spindle speed of 7,200 RPM, giving you the high-speed performance you need to back your data up quickly and safely.

    The Seagate Free Agent is ready to use out of the box with a PC, but it can be made Mac-ready in a matter of minutes with Mac OS X's Disk Utility. This portable hard drive is already compatible with Windows Vista (as well as Windows XP and Windows 2000), allowing you to backup your content regardless of operating system upgrades.

    At this compact size, and with this high performance, you now have the ability to take your data with you anywhere you go, so your digital content finally has room to breathe.

    I will only ship within the continental United States.

    On Aug-25-09 at 03:20:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

    8/25/09 Revision

    The external hard drive is 232GB not 250GB. All my stored data has been erased from the external hard drive.
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    Yes, will work without problems.
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    but keep in mind you can go to walmart ANY WALMART ANYWHERE and pick up 1000 gigs for only 109$ USD everyday price

    Western Digital My Book Essentials 1000 GIGS / 1 Terrabyte Usb Storage device with its own power supply I have 3 of these they all work superbly!
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    I got a WD 250 GB for 60 dollars, then the next day a 320 GB one was on sale for 59,99.
    Anyways just buy one at your local store unless its dirt cheap online its really not worth the wait.
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    walmart and fry's will always have a great deals [​IMG]