SE Announces 3 Final Fantasy XI Expansion Scenarios

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    Square Enix has announced three new Final Fantasy XI expansion scenarios. The first will arrive in Japan during Spring 2009 with the other two to follow. The downloads are expected to cast around 1,000 yen ($10). The three scenarios are titled, in Japanese, Ishi no Miru Yume, Senritsu! Mog Matsuri no Yoru, and Shantotto no Inbou. Each scenario tells a complete story, and all three were headed up by scenario writer Masato Kato. FFXI fans will recognize Kato from his work on the Rise of the Zilart expansion. More recently, he supervised the DS remake of Chrono Trigger. While not lasting as long as a full expansion pack, Square Enix expects players to clear each scenario in one or two months.

    News Source: IGN
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    Good idea to have a few mini-stories rather than an involved one to get people back into the game that don't want to dive back in head first.