SDL MAME Wii v0.6

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    SDL MAME Wii v0.6

    The Arcade EMU for the Wii, SDL MAME, has been updated. Please see the change log for more information.

    [​IMG] Off-site Download
    [​IMG] Project Post
  2. DJPlace

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    i hope those 2 konami arcade games have been fixed... bucky o hare and wild west c.o.w. boys of moo mesa. i pray to god those are fixed.
  3. darkreaperofdrea

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    does marvel vs capcom work now?
  4. azoreseuropa

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    It is not good enough. They are doing a good job but I will stick with PS3's FBANEXT games instead. This is only good for MAME 0.134u4 so no thanks.
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    I've always had a little trouble with the menus being slow and classic pad support acting weird when hooked or unhooked. I had to use two Wiimotes or something. Been awhile I forget.

    I'd love to see a better GUI some day and maybe a dual defualt configuration mod for switching to gun mode and back.

    It is downright great for gun games.

    Though I like to be able to play some regular types with my arcade pad.

    Not realy gonna expect 3D and CPS3 games ever so I'm happy with it more or less.

    Guess I'll have to get my wii hooked up again.

    One idea btw, makes an easy arcade cabinet project.
    Just fix up an arcade pad and have it auto boot.
    With such a small machine it makes it easy to work with any size cabinet, like say cocktail.

    Atleast thats the potential I see with it.
  6. gusmento01

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Final Fight runs 100% now, thanks!
  7. ZeroRamirez2701

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    Sep 9, 2010
    Can't run it on my WD My Passport Esential 250GBHard Drive with my FAT32 partition, it loads fine,but it says that there are no roms found. Any ideas how to fix it?

    UPDATE: Problem solved. It seems that some roms hang in loading or decrypting,returning to the HBC,meanwhile some other roms don't show up (like for example: Mortal Kombat 2 or 3)

    Also,the Capcom Play System 2 Roms doesn't play in the latest version (tried with Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and X-Men: Children Of he Atom among others.)
  8. BryceOne

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    Had the same issue, but I think it was because I moved it from the SD card to the HDD.. I took a fresh copy and put it on the HDD, added my roms, and it found them just fine..

    Now my question.. how do I get to the roms C-Z? I can only scroll down A-(some)B roms and cant go any further.. Is it possible to do without using a keyboard???
  9. ZeroRamirez2701

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    Sep 9, 2010
    It's based on how the compatability works. If it shows, means it can work,but if it not loads while loads or decrypts,it means it can be a temporary problem, especially those that can work and those who don't.