SDL 2.0 and Ubuntu 12.04

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    Hello GBATemp! I need your help :(

    I don't understand why this library called "SDL 2.0" does not work on my computer. I use CodeLite 5.4 and C as my programming language. Operating system is Ubuntu 12.04.

    Can somebody please help me with installing and using SDL 2.0? I really want to use this as I heard alot of the games on Steam that are really successful have used SDL 2.0, including Dota 2.

    I have looked everywhere and now I am a little desperate. I know someone here can help me and I'll be very grateful if you helped me out :)

    I will give additional info if it requires, including the steps I have already took.
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    Jul 15, 2008
    I had Ubuntu 12.04 too. why? cause it was a LTS

    now we have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS...

    its time to update.