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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ClockWorK, Oct 4, 2009.

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    May 10, 2009
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    Hi. I generally don't post topics. I just try to help when I can, or keep my mouth shut. But this SDHC question is really bugging me.

    I have an 8gig HP SDHC card (FAT32 format), and it seems like every app on the Wii is hit-or-miss with my SDHC. For example:

    The BootMii installer does NOT work with my card (cant mount SD) so I used a normal SD card to install. but when I copied my BootMii folder to the SDHC, BootMii will boot off of it when I turn the Wii on. This applies to BootMii b2 and b4.

    The HomeBrew channel has always worked with my SDHC and still does.

    USB Loader GX does not load my SDHC when I start it, but if I click 'reload SD' it will load it. It will also download and install updates correctly.

    Configurable USB Loader cannot save my settings or update. 'SD inaccessible'.

    In the new HomeBrew Channel, if you remove the SD card, it tries to list apps stored on the USB HDD. This works. But if I put the card back in, it will only reload the SD card if the USB HDD is not found. Maybe this is by design.

    From the system menu (4.2 now), if I click on the SD icon, it says 'The device inserted in the SD Card Slot cannot be used.' Same on 4.1.

    The HomeBrew Browser (which I thought worked with my SDHC), today said 'Unable to be mounted'. It just gets stuck in a loop trying to mount SD or USB.

    To me, at this point, none of this makes any sense. Some apps work with this card without a problem. Others do not. My best theory at the moment is that the card isn't unmounted correctly, or something doesn't wait for it to be unmounted before allowing another app to try to mount it. That's based solely on the way HBC works and that USBLoaderGX needs to reload the SD.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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