SDHC Card Homebrew Compatibility

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  1. jd506

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    Feb 14, 2009
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    I'm about to trade my soft-modded Wii console to my cousin so that he may experience the joys of homebrew.
    I'm also going to give him my 2GB Kingston SD card.

    Now that I'm in the position to buy a new card, I'm not sure whether to go with SD or SDHC.

    From what I understand, applications compiled with the latest version of libOGC have compatibility with most SDHC.
    The problem is, not all applications are kept up to date with DevKitPro.

    So my question is, which applications don't work correctly with a SDHC card?
    I'm mainly concerned with the Emulators, and I guess the SoftMii package.

    I figure most applications that are maintained will work.
    FceuGX, SnesGX, VbaGX, and the GenesisGX. But what about SDLMame?

    Gamma, the GC backup launcher, and the corresponding installers work with SDHC I'm assuming.
    Does Dack's MulitBoot loader work? FTPii, GCMM, and NuGaSa?
  2. NDSPhr34k

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    Oct 23, 2007
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    I'll contribute to this later today because I have issues w/ my SDHC sd card.

    So far the latest versions of FCE Ultra GX, SNES GX, VBA GX, and GensPlus all don't work on my 4gb Kingston sd card, yet the newest unofficial Rin Wii emu works fine.
  3. ddp127

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    Jan 14, 2009
    sorry, wrong topic [​IMG]
  4. jservs7

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    May 14, 2008
    Well I had to bring this thread up after I purchased my new SDHC card. [​IMG] Here are the programs I have tried that do not work so far:

    FS Browser 0.2 (Can't See SD Files)
    GxGeo 20081123 (Code Dump)
    Mii Extractor 1.1 (Can't See SD Files)
    Mii Installer 1.1 (Can't See SD Files)
    SD Explorer 1.0b (Frozen Black Screen)
    Smashing! 1.1 (Distorted Colors)
    Uae4wii 0.1 (Just Restarts)
    Umsx 0.2 (Can't See SD Files)
    Uno 12 (Code Dump)
    Wiidoom 0.4.1 (Code Dump)
    Wiiengine 1.5b (Code Dump)
    Wiisx rev 57 (Code Dump)
    Yawnd 0.3 (Code Dump)

    Is anyone still compiling files or has compiled any of the apps above with SDHC support? I've been checking Wiibrew for any updates to make sure if one is at least in the works. (SD Explorer, FS Browser, Wiiengine & Yawnd are the most important to me [​IMG])
  5. jservs7

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    May 14, 2008
    Any updates on any of these programs being re-compiled? My SDHC card is performing alot better with HBC 1.03 and I would love some of these to work. [​IMG]