SD Supercard mini saving woes

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    Jun 18, 2017
    Hey so I'm having a little trouble setting up the saving function for GBA games inside the supercard mini. I'm pretty sure that I've misunderstood some steps when it comes to the ingame saving process, so maybe one of you guys might have an idea where I've messed up.
    sc version 1.85 on cart
    SC Ver 2.71 converter
    I've downloaded a couple test .gba games, run the converter with the options that the converter comes ticked with by default, and moved the contents of the 'out' folder onto a fresh 2gb sd card with FAT format. So there's a .gba file, .sav and this additional .sci file that I'm not sure what the purpose is... I just chuck it there anyway.
    Now at this point I'm selecting the .gba game to boot, the game loads up and I go into the game, attempt to save and get an error.
    So it can't create a save, but I know that there are some options like L R A Select and L R B Select to somehow load saves and set saves between games. So I choose the 'save' option, let it do its thing, then turn it off and on to load up the game fresh.
    Then I choose the same option to load the save... and nothing happens, it's as if it just came out fresh.. Does anyone have any ideas?