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    Mar 17, 2007
    Hi all
    im not new to the modding. but i am having a problem with a wii that a customer has dropped off for me to install the homebrew channel on it.
    the wii is around 12months old an i sold it to them prechipped with a wiikey
    he has done the online update to 3.3,so i was going to do the new twilight hack from the sd card
    this is what the screen says
    the device inserted in the sd card slot can't be used.
    i have three different makes of 1gb sd and it happens to all of them.
    the same cards work fine on two other wii's i have.
    one of the wii's i updated to 3.3 when it first came out so i could test the new twilght hack to install the homebrew channel and it worked fine
    anybody got idea wots wrong?