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    Nov 26, 2008
    I know you can move the different titles from SD and onto a backup folder on your computer with ease, if you know the ID of the titles you want moved away and those you want to keep on the SD.

    I have long had an xbox, which I still use from time to time. I have some applications which connects to the dashboards FTP and lists all titles, both games and savegames, from which you can then copy/move/delete titles between console and computer.
    We do have good FTP daemons for Wii.. Would it be possible for someone to make such an application for windows, mac and linux, so anyone could launch FTPii and then manage your SD card easily and painlessly from your chosen OS?
    Possibly also add some ocarina features into the app, so people could add codes even more easily to the card.

    Maybe, just maybe, also have access to USB devices, making it possible to also manage games on the HDD without having to move it.

    I see use for such a tool, if made by competent people who knows what they're doing (read; not me)

    Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong board, and sorry if I'm just making stupid suggestions that couldn't possibly be achieved..
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