Hacking SD Loader / SDHC Problem?


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May 17, 2009
United States
So my 16GB SDHC card just arrived in the mail, but neither HBC nor SD Loader 1.5 will recognize it. My wii can read to/from it just fine, but neither HBC nor SD Loader will. I copied straight off my (working) 2gb SD card, so I know it's not an issue of folders being formatted incorrectly, HBC won't recognize files on the card at all.

I've tried HBC 1.1 and 1.2 - I know 1.2 has a known compatibility issue with SDHC cards.

Mainly, I want to get the SD Loader working, but it refuses to. I formatted it with WBFS 3.0.1 but SD loader just crapped when I tried to mount the SDHC card. Does the SD Loader rely on the same library for SDHC as the HBC and that's why it won't talk to my card?

I've tried the Panasonic formatter and it didnt' seem to change anything even after I formatted back to WBFS.

Just as a weird side note: I have to use my GP2x F200 to read/write to my SDHC card, as none of my other readers will handle SDHC properly. Is this potentially a problem? I don't see why it would be...

Also, it's kinda hilarious.
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