SD Card UHS-I(U1) Versus UHS-II(U3)

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  1. HyeVltg3

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Has anyone done any testing on if paying the premium for UHS-II SD Card is worth it for the WiiU.
    Obviously speed Class 10 is a must.

    Just wondering if theres any testing or homebrew that can measure this. really curious to know if I can increase load times by paying a bit more. or pay the same and just get a bigger SD Card.

    UHS-II was designed for 4K video recording and the bitrates for it.
    I could get a UHS-II 64GB SD Card that Reads at about 144MB/s and writes at 78MB/s, which is hella lot faster than the results of most UHS-I SD card reviews.

    But is it worth the extra cost? especially if the bus speed on the WiiU isnt even UHS-II compliant.

    Side-Q: Is there a max cap. on the SD Card size the WiiU can see?

    Edit: cant edit the title, just realized UHS and U# are two different ratings. UHS is Bus Speed. U# is a Speed Class...higher than the older Speed Class "C#"
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    Wii U isn't even UHS-I. Plenty of testing done on this around here, though I'm not going to dig through threads to link it

    Any old class 10 will get you the same performance as anything higher
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    There are 512GB SD cards on the market.
    You can format SDXC as FAT32 and they will work fine in the Wii U.

    UHS is pointless on the Wii U as the Wii U does not support UHS speeds.
  4. CreeperMario

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    The Wii U, as far as I'm aware, does not have any storage limits for SD Cards. 512GB cards should work.
    As for speed, I read somewhere that the Wii U caps SD cards to 25MB/s, so anything faster might be a waste of money.
    Don't take this as the truth, though, do some research and find out for yourself.
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    Nov 30, 2013
  6. HyeVltg3

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    Oh geez Memo, amazing thread (even if only 1 person test results)
    I actually have a few MicroSD 128GB Cards, I dont know where I read it a long while ago, but someone said SD Adapter (MicroSD inside SD Card adapter) dont work on the WiiU so I never actually tested it.

    Just tested 1000x Lexar UHS-II 150MB/s card and a 128GB Class 10 MicroSD, and so far I dont think I noticed much of a difference. Going to use the 128GB as speed doesnt seem affected, but Space did (previous SD Card was 32GB...thats like 1-2 WiiU games + data)

    think I'll return the UHS-II card. again thanks guys and Memo for the info.
    Good to know 512gb works, but to be honest I dont think I even like 500gb of WiiU/Wii/GC/VC games, Just playing games I missed when they came out (VC/GC/Wii) already have all the WiiU games I want to play.
    Just another person that hates Nintendo for its treatment of the WiiU. Such an amazing console, yet barely enough games.

    Mods you can close the thread before I trail too far off.