1. Buleste

    OP Buleste Old Fart

    Dec 19, 2010
    Can anyone help me. I have copies (not originals) of Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2 and I want to play them on ScummVM DS. However the speech isn't working. I know that you have to convert the .fla files to .wav and the wav must be 4bit mono (or at least it does for The Secret Of Monkey Island).

    Does anyone know of a good free converter tool that will be able to do this?

    EDIT: O.k. I've found the best way to have the Simon The Sorcerer games with speech is to use the Amiga CD32 versions (with Simon 2 you also need the files from the 1.1 patch as well). However I still would like to be able to use the music from The Secret Of Monkey Island VGA CD version so does anyone know of a free tool to convert the .fla files to 4 bit .wav?
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