ScummvmDS 0.12.0 beta 4 released

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    [​IMG] ScummvmDS 0.12.0 beta 4 released
    Bugfixes and speedups
    agentq has continued to work on the port of scummvm to the DS. Most of you are probably familiar with scummvmds by now but for those that are not it is a port of scummvm and enables you to run certain older games, originally it was just old lucas arts games like The Secret of Monkey Island and sam and max but support for several other platforms like Sierra AGI has been added in recent builds.


    changelog for current beta line

    [​IMG] release thread (, includes list of games you can play with scummvmds
    [​IMG] ScummvmDS homepage
    [​IMG] drunkencoders download
    [​IMG] gbatemp download (recompressed using 7zip, now 1.59 megabytes versus 7.79 megabytes)

    Thanks to ds-scene for the news.
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    One of my absolute fav homebrews... [​IMG]