SCUMMVMDS 0.11.1 beta2 released

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    I have not got the time to do a full newspost right now so it is here but agentq released an update to his port of SCUMMVM:
    Scumm VM, what it is and what it does for those who are unaware.
    From the homepage:
    ScummVM is an interpreter that allows you to play many point and click adventure games from the 80s and 90s on modern computers. I didn't write ScummVM, that honour goes to the ScummVM team. ScummVM runs games from Lucasarts that were created using the SCUMM system (hence the name) but it has also been expanded to run games from many other developers too. ScummVM is written in portable C++ and has been ported to many differnet platforms, and I have made a port of it to the DS. This means that you can play all these classic games on the DS with full sound.

    * Runs nearly all of Lucasarts' SCUMM games up to and including Sam & Max Hit the Road
    * Runs many non-Lucasarts point-and-click adventures too
    * Supports sound
    * Provides a GUI to change settings and choose games
    * Supports using the DS touch screen for controls
    * Supports saving games to compatible flash cards
    * All games run at pretty much full speed




    Thanks to pdroms ( ) for this news.